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You do not have to be photogenic or even be comfortable in front of the camera! I promise to guide you every step of the way. I work with people to capture their natural beauty as if there was no camera. 


When I shoot, we are two people hanging out and having a conversation. The inherent beauty that we all have shows up. Whether you're experiencing fear, anxiety, or insecurities, I hold space for all of that. I acknowledge it. Then I let it go so that you can too. 


I've had years of experience working with a diverse clientele. I have photographed a range of shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and gender in my 16 years of photography. These years of experience have shown me the subtleties of what people need. 


During a session, my focus is on making you feel confident and at ease. The pace of your shoot will reflect where you are and what you're comfortable with. ​

By playing with poses, lighting, and expression until those parts of you show up, you leave with images you love. More than that, you leave feeling the peace of mind that comes with being seen. By having captured what makes you unique and interesting, you gain confidence and a sense of community that supports whoever you are and wherever you are going.  

What We Do

"It did more for my self image than years of therapy"

Same Day Transformations


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Sorella Photos

55 S Atlantic Street Studio 414

Seattle, WA 98134

Tel: 206-310-5610


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“I really enjoyed our photo shoot.


It did more for my self image than years of therapy.


I had so much fun!”


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