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Frequently Asked Questions

I never like how I look in photos. Can you help me? 

YES!!!! This is our superpower, our specialty. We encourage you to show up however and whoever you are right now. This is an opportunity to see yourself in a new way. This is your chance to be seen the way you have always wanted the world to see you. Our goal for each session is to put our clients at ease and ensure that they are comfortable and relaxed. We're in the business of transforming anxiety into excitement. We believe in the documentation of self and of the important people in our lives. Pamper yourself for a day. All it takes is a little trust that you will leave feeling confident and proud, along with images you will cherish for a lifetime. 


What does a typical session look like? 

A luxury portrait session is usually 4 hours. Personal Branding is a bit shorter, typically 2.5. You'll arrive with a clean fresh face. First things first, do you want bubbles or sparkling water? Let's get some music going now. Set the right rhythm. Professional hair and make up are next. Are you feeling beautiful and radiant? Great, let's start posing! After the session, you'll come in for a reveal session. This is a fun way to see all of the images we've created for you and pick what you would want to take home.  Feel free to bring a partner, friend, or family member to enjoy the experience with you. 


What do I need to bring to the shoot?

Appropriate under garments (i.e. nude undergarments for light clothing, dark for dark clothing, any shape wear that you would normally wear). Any jewelry you'd like to wear during the shoot. You'll be able to contact me anytime before the shoot with styling questions, concerns or if you want another opinion on a garment! 


Do I need to have my hair and makeup done before hand? 

Nope! This is all part of the luxury portrait package. You'll have professional hair and make up done for you. Just come with a clean moisturized face and our make up artist will take care of the rest.  

Can I only do this solo or can I bring someone with me? 

That's up to you! What are you looking for with this shoot? Where are these images going? Who would you like to experience this with? Do you want to include your mother, daughter, partner, family, or girlfriends? Maybe you're looking to treat yourself, boost your confidence and want a solo shoot. 


Do you offer digital packages only? 

Not typically. We are committed to the philosophy that people should have printed images. We believe in the craft and we want to support the art of the photography industry. That being said, all of our packages come with a digital gallery to accompanyyour prints. 


Do you only do portraits? 

No. I specialize in luxury portraits and personal branding. In my 16 years of business, I have photographed events, weddings, corporate headshots, product photography, and more. I love a challenge and am eager to create with any client to fit their needs!


How much does it cost? 


Personal Branding: 

Personal Branding session fee is $295. Packages begin at $585 and go up from there. Most of my personal branding clients spend around $1,500. 


Luxury Portraits: 

Luxury Portrait session fee is $495. Images start at $225. Packages start at $1,200. Most of my luxury portrait clients spend around $2,500. 


Do you offer payment plans? 

Yes! We want you to take home all of the images you love. 

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