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Sorella Photos exists to celebrate humanity through photography. We are passionate about giving diverse communities an opportunity to be celebrated and honored. Our work is done when you leave feeling seen, heard, and owning your authentic beauty. We are committed to the elevation of how you see yourself, what is possible, and that everyone is beautiful. 


Sorella Photos offers Luxury Portraits, Personal Branding, and Simple Headshots. We are dedicated to building long-term relationships by honoring individuality through an unforgettable experience. 


We partner with you to create an environment full of ease and fun while also providing you with a product you will treasure for many years and generations to come. 





I am a HUGE Seahawks fan. My studio is located across the street from Safeco Field and Seahawks Sundays are my favorite! 

I learned photography from my grandmother Rose. She is my hero, my guide for how I live my life. 

One of my greatest passions is coaching leadership programs at Landmark Worldwide, where people create projects that make a difference in the world. 

I love to travel. Do you want to do a photo shoot on the beach in Mexico? Let’s go! 

As an empathic human being, I am drawn to energy work, crystals, and anything else that leaves me more connected to people and the world around us. 

I love life! Love people! Love photography for the purpose of capturing the beauty of humanity in every shape, size, color, age and gender!!

Visit my blog, where I share much more about my personal life, messiness, and all the growth that happens along the way. 

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