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Spring Time Voodoo at Pruf Cafe and Bar

When I got back from Mexico in late February, I immediately began to reconnect with my community, eager to explore the possibilities that were coming up for me. One of those people was my friend Clay Kinsey, an incredibly talented and somewhat rambunctious chef. 

As any creative-type knows, there is an energy exchanged when artists collaborate. An excitement builds over the passion, regardless of what form. Clay shared that he was planning Spring Time Voodoo, a pop up dinner at Pruf Cafe. He described it as a supper club with the intention of inspiring collaborations between his kitchen community and the chefs he grew up with. Artists coming together to grow, shine, and feed! 

I enthusiastically offered to photograph the event. Well, on the condition that I too would experience the Spring Time Voodoo dinner. 

Upon arrival, I had already begun to feel the stirring of something beautiful being created. There was a notable intimacy to the space. Residual sun spilled through the skylight, past the hand-cut greenery, across the edible flowers lining the center of the table, finally reflecting light onto the flecks of glitter in the deep plum-colored tablecloth. There was pea soup topped with fried onion skins, carrot and charred spring onion tofu with pickled mushrooms and micro greens, emu tartare with shaved cured egg yolk, blood sausage stuffed chicken wings with a savory carrot cake and pistachio basil cream cheese. Now this is Voodoo Spring Time. 

I struck up a conversation with the owner of Pruf cafe and was charmed by her passion for that space, what she's creating. We discussed the food system and our commitment to nourishing our body. Our desire to heal through food. The connection and balance between nature, health, and community. By the end of the evening, I felt I had experienced the magical supper club Clay had initially described to me. 

I left invigorated. And full. But mostly I left inspired. 

Let's play music, eat food, plan events and collaborations. Let's encourage each other and see what happens. These are the kinds of projects I look forward to participating in and documenting during the months I am back in Seattle! 

Follow these great people: #spellboundsbck #prufcafebar @claytonkinsey @sharif_ball @greenmanmicrogreens

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